Clear 1:100 concentrate Havana Love

Volume: 250 ml
SKU: 03931410

Highly concentrated cleaning additive for the windshield washer system in summer operation. Makes 25 liters of cleaning liquid. Removes insects, oil, soot, silicone, and dangerous glare and greasy films. Compatible with plastics - does not cause stress cracks and blind spots on headlight lenses. Ideally suited for high-quality laser, matrix LED, and XENON headlights. Ideal for use with new wiper technologies and fan nozzles. Also tested on matt paintwork, foiled vehicles, and sensitive repair paintwork. Thanks to the anti-limescale effect, it is also suitable for mixing with hard water. With a fruity Caribbean scent.


Protect from frost. Contains bitter substances - more safety for children.

Product Usage

  1. Hold the bottle upright and unscrew the cap a quarter turn.
  2. Fill the dosing head with 25 ml of concentrate by pressing on the lower part of the bottle.
  3. Unscrew the cap completely and add the contents of the dosing head to the washer fluid.
  4. 25 ml is sufficient for 2.5 liters of washing water.
  5. For larger container contents, dose accordingly higher.


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