Climate Power Cleaner AirAid symbiotic Havana Love

Volume: 100 ml
SKU: 03238000

Climate Power Cleaner Air Aid is symbiotic quickly and easily ensures long-lasting air hygiene and permanently eliminates annoying odors. The innovative formula cleans air conditioning, ventilation systems, and evaporators, leaving a fresh scent in the car interior. Particularly quick and easy to use: after just 10 minutes and without any effort, the vehicle is ready to drive again. Can also be used preventively in new vehicles. Just two applications a year provide long-term protection. With a Caribbean fruity fragrance experience.

Product Usage

  1. Switch on ignition.
  2. Set air conditioning to cold, ventilation to the highest level and recirculation.
  3. Open ventilation slots.
  4. Shake can before use.
  5. Push the seat all the way forward and fold the backrest forward. Tear off the retaining ring.
  6. To trigger the spray process – hold the spray head away from your body, press down and at the same time turn it to the right as far as it will go.
  7. Place the spraying can in the rear footwell.
  8. Leave the vehicle, close the windows and doors.
  9. Open the doors after five minutes and air out for 10 minutes.


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