Cockpit nurse Matteffect Havana Love

Volume: 500 ml
SKU: 03682410

Cockpit care product Matt effect cleans and cares for all plastic parts in the car. It is dust-repellent, anti-static, and protects the plastic from re-soiling. Leaves a pleasant scent. Especially suitable for matt, structured surfaces, and wooden fittings. The original matt appearance of the cockpit is retained, and annoying reflections on the windscreen are avoided. Silicone and solvent-free.


Do not use on heated surfaces, leather, steering wheel, pedals, windows, radios, and navigation devices. Protect from frost.

Product Usage

  1. Shake before use.
  2. Spray SONAX Cockpit Cleaner onto a SONAX microfibre care pad or a soft, lint-free cloth.
  3. Rub the surfaces to be treated evenly and allow to dry.


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