XTREME Polish + Wax 3 Hybrid NPT - 250 ml

SKU: 2021000

Powerful polish for matted; weathered and unkempt paintwork. Extremely fine aluminum oxide powder eliminates light scratches; removes weathered layers of paint and smoothes the paint. Reflective deep shine; intensive color refreshment and basic preservation are the result of the innovative Hybrid NetProtection Technology. With the new Hybrid NPT, the paint gets a brilliant deep gloss that has never been achieved before; combined with a remarkable water beading effect. To do this, special organic substances with inorganic components were combined into a stable; weatherproof network linked; that brings out the color of the polished paint to its best validity. For permanent protection and a longer-lasting shine, SONAX recommends a subsequent sealing with XTREME Brilliantwax 1 or XTREME Protect + Shine.


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